Major Challenges Facing Oil and Gas Companies in Orange County, CA

Oil and gas companies in Orange County, California are facing a number of challenges that could have a significant impact on their operations. Legislation is being proposed that would affect 11 oil leases off the coast of Orange and Ventura counties. This could cost the state tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars. Oil companies are taking advantage of the additional time to continue drilling and repairing old wells within the buffer zone.

Reports of oil and tar ball sightings should be made to the National Response Center and the California Office of Emergency Services. Dozens of vessels are waiting to dock near platforms and their underwater oil lines, wastewater treatment pipelines, and communications equipment. The U. S.

Coast Guard and the Office of Spill Prevention and Response will respond to any new reports about the presence of oil on the coast, including on beaches where cleanup operations have stopped. The possibility that an anchor blow caused the oil spill that has devastated the coast of Orange County is being studied. The bill creates a special state watchdog group to monitor oil company prices and authorize sanctions for companies that are increasing their profits. The NRDA will financially quantify the damage caused by the oil spill in terms of habitat and human use.

Lena Gonzalez, a Democrat from Long Beach, cited research on how oil well pollution that seeps into air, water and soil increases the risk of nearby residents developing cancer, respiratory diseases and birth defects. Beach and shoreline cleaning activities in Orange and Sand Diego counties are decreasing, as spill response agencies have considered that most of the beaches affected by the spill are oil-free. After the Orange County oil spill released more than 25,000 gallons of oil in early October, the Office of Environmental Health Risk Assessment (OEHHA) recommended that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife shut down commercial and recreational fishing. Two oil leaks were detected in a corroded pipeline carrying oil, water and gas from the Eureka platform to Elly.

The challenges facing oil companies in Orange County are numerous and complex. From legislation that could cost millions to reports of oil spills that need to be addressed quickly, these companies must be prepared to face any potential issues that arise. In addition, they must be aware of potential environmental risks associated with their operations, such as air pollution or water contamination. Oil companies must also be aware of any new regulations or laws that may be proposed in order to ensure compliance.

They must also be prepared to respond quickly to any reports of oil spills or other environmental issues in order to minimize damage. Finally, they must be aware of potential financial impacts associated with their operations.

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